Company Trainings

Creating cooperative solutions is the goal of our trainings, e.g., coming to agreements with each other, listening, communicating goal oriented ideas and supporting each other. Sharing the experience – outside of the usual surroundings – strengthens the sense of togetherness and provides a successful environment for positive change.

What happens when you want to build a functioning raft but your team can only communicate via a middleman? What happens when you have to cross a river but some of you are blindfolded?

Prior to the training, together with you, we will determine your goals to create a program specifically for you. The reflection and evaluation of your experiences and of the adventure will allow for a transformormation within your day to day work activities. During the training goal-and-conflict analysis can be developed as well as approaches toward solutions formed. Possible goals for your company:


  • Determining abilities and responsibilites
  • Getting to know and learning to understand each other
  • Perceiving the competence of the employees
  • Developing an overall working concept


  • defining new goals, specifying old goals
  • determining roles in the team
  • recognizing conflicts and resolving them
  • creating a successful culture of communication
  • allowing acceptance for processes of change