Clubs & associations

You want to run through a challeging teambuilding activity with your club as season preparation? Or book an exciting outdoor program with your colleagues of the fire brigade or rescue service? Find further informations related to your organization:

In team sports, the ability of a team to be successful does not rest solely on the technical skills and individual player performance. For a team to pull together until the final whistle blows requires a variety of individual and team factors.

Success depends on the leadership skills of certain players, team motivation, the willingness to take risks, clarity on the common goal, agreeing on how to divide roles and tasks, mutual trust, and open and effective communication.

Team-building exercises and adventures in our Altenhof High-Ropes Course, raft-building and archery contests are as much a part of our repertoire as cooperative games, box and tree climbing, geosearching, team challenges and beach olympics.

While having fun and spending time together are the focus at club parties and outings, our team training events focus on developing the team by:

  • strengthening team spirit
  • promoting communication and cooperation
  • identifying strengths and development potential within the team
  • assuming responsibility
  • pushing limits and experiencing strength in numbers
  • building trust in self and others
  • having fun together

Suitable occasions for team training:

  • orientation training at the start of the season
  • integrating new players onto the team
  • specific issues of team development

We offer you the opportunity to develop a team-training event tailored to your issues and needs.  Reflection phases help transfer what’s learned to situations on the pitch and training routine.